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What are the benefits of porcelain tiles?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Many people decide to go with porcelain tiles due to their durability and the very low amount of maintenance required. The main benefit of porcelain is that, once laid, the tiles can last for several decades without fading or changing colour, even when used for patios or garden walls. Porcelain tiles are manufactured under intense heat, reaching well over 1000°C, meaning the tile is very strong and weather resistant, even in the unpredictable UK climate!

1. Can I use porcelain tiles outside?

20mm Porcelain tiles are perfect for outdoor use and are designed to be used as such. Porcelain tiles are very durable, with an expected lifespan lasting several decades without fading. Many tend to choose porcelain patios over other outdoor options such as softwood decking due to this, as decking boards can need replacing in as little as 10 years with visible wear-and-tear taking effect.

2. Are porcelain tiles safe?

As porcelain tiles are moisture resistant, any water that settles on the surface of your patio will quickly be evaporated, reducing the risk of slipping. All of our tiles are R11 Anti-Slip rated. This makes a porcelain patio an excellent choice for surrounding your swimming pool and resistant to the typical UK weather in both Summer and Winter extremes!

3. How much maintenance do porcelain tiles require?

Porcelain tiles require very little maintenance, even when used for outdoor patios and garden walls. The tiles are stain and moisture resistant, meaning it is very difficult for substances to penetrate and damage the internal structure of the tile. Whilst rust, stains and leaves can still mark the surface of the tile, they can be easily removed with specialist porcelain cleaner that is available to purchase from our shop.

4. Are Porcelain tiles worth it?

Whilst a porcelain patio can seem more expensive than other options initially, it is certainly a worth while option to save you mid-long term expenses whilst still showing long-lasting beauty. As mentioned previously, the lifespan of porcelain tiles is drastically longer than other outdoor options such as softwood and composite decking. Additionally, porcelain patios require far less maintenance then decking and standard lawns.

5. Are porcelain patios pet-friendly?

Yes, porcelain tiles are pet-friendly. Their durability and strength are excellent for combatting the challenges that can arise in a household with pets! The strong nature of the tile means they are resistant to scratches and are protected against any mess left behind by animals. The moisture resistance prevents your pet's urine from being absorbed into the tile and any markings left on the surface can be cleaned using specialist porcelain cleaner that can be found in our shop.

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