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How to remove rust from a porcelain patio

If you have a metal barbeque or metal furniture, you may experience rust markings being left on your porcelain patio. This is fairly common and certainly an easy fix! As porcelain is non-porous, the rust shouldn’t mark the tile permanently or damage the tile even in more severe cases. In this short blog, we will cover the best method to remove the rust and have your porcelain patio looking good as new!

With a combined 60+ years experience in the landscaping industry, our team at The Patio Supply Centre have found LTP Rust Stain Remover to be the most effective product for cleaning the rust off (available in our shop). Despite being an acidic based product, the rust stain remover will not affect the glaze of the porcelain tile. Firstly, ensure the surface is clean and dry before using. Apply the solution directly onto the rust stain, ensuring the full area is covered evenly. Be cautious not to get the product into the grout lines as it may cause slight discoloration on the grout. After 15 minutes or so, you will see the solution turn to a deep purple colour due to the reaction with the rust – once this has occurred, wipe off the residue and clean the surface thoroughly using plenty of water. Once the surface is dry again, check to see if the rust stain is still visible. If so, simply repeat the process again until it is completely removed.

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