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Landscaping Supplies

Take a look at our range of landscaping supplies, all of which are available to purchase in our shop!

Tiler's Mallet

Designed to prevent markings on your tiles.

Waterproof tile pencils

Ideal for markings when doing wet tile cuts 

Cleaning Scourer

Triple pack of super fine, medium, and course Scourers for removing grime.

Spin Clips

To ensure tiles consistently remain level whilst laying. The picture demonstrates how to use them. 

Finishing Sponge

Finishing Sponge


Available in 3mm, 4mm & 5mm

Squeegee and handle

For use when installing Grout into joints.


Simply a must-have for landscapers. This allows you to pick up and place your tiles with ease.

Float with Hydro Sponge

For removal of excess Grout

Available in slotted and not slotted depending on application.

A demonstration video to show you the benefits of using a Grabo!

Washing Sponge

Double Washing Sponge

Pedalo washboy

A labour saving must-have for cleaning tiles after Grouting,

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