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How to utilize wall tiles and elevate your garden’s design

Wall tiles can be an excellent way to elevate your garden’s design but they can often be under-utilized. At The Patio Supply Centre we have a stunning range to choose from and in this short blog, we will cover some of the best methods of using wall tiles to transform your garden’s aesthetic!

Feature Walls

One of the most popular uses of wall tiles is to create stunning feature walls. When designing a garden, many people tend to focus heavily on the core elements of the project, whether that is a patio, decking or artificial grass ect. However, in the process many won’t pay attention to smaller changes they can make that can have a substantial impact on the garden’s transformation! By simply converting an old garden wall or surface into a stunning feature wall, you can add a new layer of depth to your garden’s design and truly have an aesthetic that stands out from the rest!

Media Walls

Due to their suitability for indoor and outdoor use, another popular way to utilize wall tiles is to create a media wall. Wall tiles can make a perfect frame for your TV and speakers whilst maintaining their durability, even in harsher weather. If you are looking to add a social and modern element to your garden’s design, a media wall is a no brainer.

Spa-like décor

For those wanting to emulate a high-end spa-like aesthetic for their outdoor space or bathroom, wall tiles are an excellent way to achieve this. As the tiles are suitable for outdoor use as well, they will certainly be able to withstand moisture and heat from a bathroom. Their 3-dimensional design can also add further depth to your wall’s design, offering a very unique and eye-catching space.

Home Office

With home offices being utilized significantly more now, it is certainly worth investing into your office space to create your ideal working environment. Wall tiles can be an excellent way to improve your office’s aesthetic, with a very unique and contemporary design. A sure-fire way to get one up on your colleagues and catch eyes in your next video meeting!

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