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Mapei - How to use it effectively


Mapei - The fast setting easy to use Grout.

Step 1 - Mixing

 Mix the whole 5kg bag with 1.1 Litres of clean water and mix on a slow speed. 

(Once mixed its life is approximately 20-25 minutes.)

Step 2 - Spreading

Spread the mix with a rubber float over your tiles, being sure to fill all Grout lines to the bottom. 

Step 3 - Cleaning

Clean the tiles with a suitable scotch brite pad, but ONLY when the Grout has gone opaque, and remain cautious not to drag the Grout out of the Grouting lines.

Remove any liquid remains using a hard cellulose sponge. 

(Remember to wash the sponge frequently with clean water)

Mapei is a very low emitter of volatile organic compounds meaning that it is a far more environmentally friendly option that its competitors!

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