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Primer and Adhesive - Whats the difference?


Primer and Adhesive often come as one in a sentence - but many don't know that they aren't the same thing and that it is important to know the difference. 


Before tiling most floor backgrounds must be primed - there are two main reasons why this is essential.

  1. The prevention of Air bubbles forming under the Tile 

  2. To add strength to weak surfaces

An unprimed surface could cause the tile adhesive not to cure correctly, with moisture soaking into the concrete slab below this could be a disaster to your fit.


Adhesive is a much simpler one to understand - for example, you want to fit some Split - Face tiles to an interior wall, purchasing quality, strong adhesive is essential to be sure those tiles stay put and gone go anywhere. 

Adhesive tip! 

Always apply the adhesive directly onto the surface being tiled, and if tiling both the walls and the floors be sure to do the floors first so the wall tiles can overhang.

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