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Maintaining your Porcelain Patio


Porcelain Vs Ceramic

So, you know you want a new patio but have no idea what is the best option for you when it comes to tiles. The decision always comes back to either Porcelain or ceramic – and there is a clear victor, Porcelain, let’s explore why.

Durability – Due to their density, Porcelain tiles are far more durable than their ceramic counterparts, which in turn makes them less likely to wear and show blemishes.

Water Resistance – Ceramic tile can take on a lot of water, whereas Porcelain is practically immune to water.


Porcelain Patios – The right choice!

Porcelain patios are the future of garden design – they have rapidly become one of the most popular types of paving available on the market today and people simply can’t get enough of their practicality and gorgeous finish.

But, what makes Porcelain paving so good? What sets it apart? We have taken some of the most commonly asked questions and compiled a list of answers to them below, once having read them you will know not only key information about Porcelain tiles – but also how to easily maintain your own Porcelain patio.


How long should a Porcelain patio last?

When talking about patios longevity always comes to mind – we all want our patios to last as long as possible, after all they are quite an investment and can be the difference between a put together garden to be proud of and an unruly mess.

Our Porcelain patios – providing they are laid properly with a good bedding – can last for decades, meaning that minor cleaning and maintenance is all you’ll need to do to keep your patio looking as good as the day it was installed.


Can a Porcelain patio be cleaned with a pressure washer?

Keeping our patios clean – especially when we have company due round for the annual family barbecue – is a key concern for many.

Yes, Porcelain tiles are strong enough to withstand a pressure washer to remove those particularly stubborn marks, but if you really want to ensure that your Porcelain patio is in top condition for years to come there are other steps to take.


Use a cleaner designed for Porcelain

When buying a product to clean your Porcelain patio there are some considerations you need to make – you must steer clear of any products containing Hydrofluoric Acid as these can cause irreversible damage to the tile. We recommend using any one of the products in the LTP cleaning range – the Rust remover, Grime remover, and Grout stain remover are all safe to use on Porcelain and will ensure that your tiles look as good as new in no time!

Spot clean as and when

As tedious and time consuming as it may be, we suggest spot cleaning as and when required. We hope that you are using your patio to its full potential, so there is no doubt that a glass of wine or perhaps a barbecue skewer may find its way onto your nice new tiles, it is always best to spot clean as accidents or spillages occur.

But not to fear, if that stain is particularly troublesome we have all you could need to clean and maintain your patio in our LTP Range.

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