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Cleaning your Fire Pit


At the Patio Supply Centre we have a wide range of Fire Pits and Barbeques in our Fresco Flames range – all of which can make a real difference to the aesthetic of your garden whist providing a standout centre piece that you can be proud of.

Once you’ve purchased your Fire Pit or Barbeque, how do you maintain it and be sure that it lasts for seasons yet to come?


Our Fire Pit range is entirely made of Corten steel – otherwise known as weathered steel Corten Steel was originally used in the construction of skyscrapers and bridges due to its raw strength, over time and exposure to the elements it develops its own eye-catching rust appearance, this allows for varying textures to come to the surface that you don’t normally get from the versatility of metal.

Cleaning a Corten Steel Fire Pit can be completed in 3 easy steps:

  1. Remove any ash or debris from the bowl

  2. Using hot soapy water and a soft cloth wipe until clean

  3. Rinse well with water and wipe dry 

Never clean your Fire pit immediately after having used it – you will need to clean the inner areas of your Fire Pit too and the contents could be dangerously hot still. We recommend leaving it alone for a day or two before beginning the cleaning process just to be certain that it is completely cooled, this sounds like a long time, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


If you have purchased a Fire Pit with a cooking ledge, then firstly good choice – a meal cooked on a Fire Pit is simply delightful, making the extra cleaning process worth it. You will need to clean the surface with a NON-CORROSIVE grill cleaner, doing so releases any grease or dried food build up from the cooking surface. Once having sprayed it down take a scrub pad and use circular motions to simply wipe away the muck – lastly, wipe off the grill cleaner and let the surface dry properly.

A common question we get is what to do with the leftover ash, and there are in fact many uses for it – you can amend soil, melt ice, or even clean stains off of your driveway with it!

Once the ash has cooled off completely, store it for a week in a heat resistant bin and then sprinkle a small amount over your compost pile, this will balance your soil out and act as a fertiliser. With whatever you have left over sprinkle over areas that you have problems with slugs or snails and keep them away from your plants.


Or for those of you that just want it gone – wood ash can be recycled with your garden waste so it is easily disposable.

Enjoy Your Clean Fire Pit for Many Seasons!

Cleaning your Fire Pit is a very simple thing to do but it can make a massive difference, if you want your Fire Pit to continue being the talking point of all of your barbecues then it’s a must.

If you are yet to buy a Fire Pit or are in need of any guidance please don’t hesitate to come in and let our team help you.

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