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Split Face Tiles - Where Are They Most Effective


Split Face tiles – The potential

Split Face tiles are revolutionary – they are designed specifically to give you a ‘not perfect’, ‘multi-levelled’, ‘chic’ look to any  space.

But many don’t know where Split Face tiles would have the best effect.

Create a feature wall

Split Face tiles can make for a gorgeous feature wall – they will help catch the eye of your guests whilst simultaneously allowing you to create interest in the room by only having to decorate one wall.

Framing your TV!

In the modern world our televisions have become one of the most eye-catching additions to our homes - yes they are getting slimmer - but with their size they can create quite an eyesore in your otherwise beautifully decorated living room. Framing your TV with split face tile will bring class to the focal point and allow you to include your TV in the décor theme of your choice.

Spa-like bathroom décor 

For those wanting that Spa-like feeling when using their personal bathrooms at home – Split Face tiles are perfect for you. Depending on your choice of tile it is easy to create a Roman baths or marble effect even in the smallest of spaces.

The Kitchen Splashback

Something as simple as a splashback can make all the difference to the look of your new kitchen. Incorporating your Split Face splashback tiles into the style you have chosen by matching them to your floor tiles can be that final piece of the puzzle that really sets off your new kitchen.

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